Red means send help. Green means all is okay.

[Saturday, February 9th] we had the opportunity to visit the Citizen Transformation Center. This is a citizen led, local government supported initiative that was developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The Center is located in a building that used to be a police station before the storm. The residents came together and turned it into a community center. It runs totally on solar power and they have their own well and filtration system for water. When you walk inside, it

NSF Fast Talk: Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters

During the NSF Includes Kickoff, each PI was tasked to create a fast talk (20-second x 4-slide) powerpoint presentation. These 1.20-second talks (in the style of Pecha Kucha) were presented during the kickoff. You can view the Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters presentation here... #SURGEdisasters #NSFINCLUDES #PechaKucha

NSF INCLUDES Award: Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters

A team of scholars led by Assistant Professor DeeDee Bennett, Ph.D., from UNO's emergency services program, has received $300,000 for a two-year project that seeks to increase the recruitment, retention, and matriculation of racial and ethnic minorities in STEM Ph.D. programs contributing to hazards and disaster research. #SURGEdisasters #NSFINCLUDES